“I’m going to lose 10 KG”

“I’ll start exercising”

“I’ll crack on with my studies and get a better job”

Can you recall any of these? We prefer to set ourselves goals within certain time frame, like beginning of the year, month or week. That sort of fresh-start gets extra power as a statement, allows us to easily cut off the imperfect past from the all new and wonderful future.

The better I. Me version 1.5. Promises, promises, promises.

When would you like to squeeze it in?

Despite who and where you are, there is one resource we all have in common. Time. We all have 24 hours a day and it’s up to us how we spend it.

I believe that you’ve got your routine set during a day and much of this time will be occupied by things like commuting, working, cooking etc. That takes significant, if not a major part of the day – by this I mean your time and energy.

So, when would you like to squeeze in that new promise, provided you don’t know how long and if you’d really like to do that. Anytime you pick, it will probably affect your daily rituals anyway.

You’ll then need to spend extra time and energy, which your body system might not be really happy about.

Therefore, at the very beginning of something new, you’ll be off the track, with less energy and probably more stressed than you should be. I believe that starting a new experience should be straightforward as possible, which leads me to the next point:

Why not start a new hobby on the next day off

That will allow you to choose from 24 hours the perfect time to kick off the new hobby. Rather than forcing yourself to do it before/after your normal routine.

How does it sound now, 24 hours available to choose from, rather than only few, probably a rush, eh?

You are the one who knows your body and mind best, therefore can easily tell when you’re most productive – use it to your advantage. It’s entirely up to you how your new experience going to be, so why not make it the best possible?

Oh yes, don’t forget to get rid of distractions, like mobile phone notifications and all sort of social media or TV time wasters. Try to focus as much as possible on your new task.

And don’t rush. It will put unnecessary stress and prevent you from concentrating fully. If you need to be somewhere, simply set an alarm 15 minutes before you need to go – 15 minutes will allow you to wrap it up nicely.

What if I tried and liked it?

Firstly you’d know how it tastes, whether you’d like to carry on or maybe drop it.

You should have an idea how the new hobby affects you and how long you’d need to accomplish it. As you know what to expect, it’s much easier to plan and this time for the difference, implement it during your normal routine.

I’ve been trying new things doing that way for a few years now, but many turned out to be a flash in the pan, nevertheless, I still carry on with doing some of them – like running.

Rather than keep postponing your ideas, blaming yourself for lack of time or courage – simply try them when you’re off next time.

Things don’t matter, until executed.

Main photo by: https://unsplash.com/@arstyy