Each of us has some ideal places, songs, people and the way how the morning coffee should be prepared. Sometimes the way how negative situations happen describe the way our day, week, life look like. The way we are.

Funnily enough, very often those things or people are just happening around us, the way we often don’t even notice it. We often can only notice the result of all those things.


Some call it an energy, some call it the fate, and some simply call it the life. You can call it whatever you like, but it is important to be conscious about how the world affects us. So let’s start from the most important part of the life and choose…



Yes, you read me right – right people. We cannot escape from them. We need to interact with them. So literally, we need to feel comfortable with them. Moreover, they should stimulate us to do more things.


Have you ever felt that you can do more with certain people; that your approach changes from ‘well, maybe, but not yet‘ to ’Yeah! Let’s do it!’ because somebody next to you is vibrant, full of an energy?


Or maybe you’ve got somebody who you are not shy to share your personal stuff, like pictures, poems, playing on an instrument. There are so many things that we keep for ourselves from the outside world because we are afraid of rejection and lack of understanding. If you’ve got somebody like that – the right person – you are a very lucky guy. You can develop and reinvent yourself when you are not scared of showing off. You can act, perform and make things working. You can go out, shout ‘This is me, and this stuff I do. And believe me, I am the best’.


Just look around the Internet – blogs, YouTube, SoundCloud – all those artists are mostly amateurs, or started as the one. They were not scared to show off their skills to the whole world. If there were not, why it cannot be you?


I hope this is a good reason for you to understand why you should…




I believe you could foresee it.


Who is the wrong person? Anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Embarrassing. When it is weird to act as you would normally do.


Obviously, it is not always possible to find the right people around you, especially when you work, study or even party. At least try, because when you will be around positive individuals, sooner or later, just like out of blue, you’ll…




One of the worst feeling in life is when you are getting bored. Have no idea what to do and live in literally monotony-kind-of-life.


Sounds familiar? Looks like this is the best time to try something different, maybe with different people.


I remember very well when a few years ago I was sitting at home, staring at my screen while scrolling down through some websites full of pictures of funny/sad/grumpy cats and YouTube. Time was passing slowly, I was ending up usually with a headache.


And then I looked at the old guitar, covered with dust. ‘Actually it would be nice to play House of the Rising Sun’ I thought, and tried to play. I didn’t play right for the first time, nor for second but after many attempts I could actually play pretty well. I was just keeping trying.


One day I took my guitar outdoors and met with my mates.  They didn’t know I was actually playing a guitar. Well, no surprise, I never told them. Then I realised that some of my friends were into music, and guess what happened next? As soon as we started meeting more often, writing songs and playing covers, we knew we were the right people in the town.


We played for fun, just for ourselves. It was never a successful band as we were hidden away in the dungeon of our basement (literally ;)).



After few months, when I went abroad, we drifted apart. I actually didn’t play guitar much after this period, but Patrick, the lead singer recently has released his first album! This could never happened if we wouldn’t play together OR If I never left my home with the guitar.


I know there are hundreds of stories like this on the Internet, but look, even this simple one shows the power of the right people. You can be yourself, enjoy the life and learn something new.


I would never be where I am now, without the supporting, kind and helpful people. The right people. It’s worth it, believe me.