The joy of crossing

I’ve got a good memory. I can remember different things quite easily, organise and plan them in my mind. A serious and complex task is not a big deal to me, as long as I can understand it. At times I can be annoying (I guess some might say that), by asking many questions, as understanding of each step is a baseline to completing every task correctly.

But there is something magical in writing down the tasks. Using to-do list might be efficient, as the task sits in the screen and stares directly into my eyes. But once finished, I can only click it to mark as completed.

I can tick the box, feel good that I’ve completed the task, but there is no satisfaction. Just job done, I can move on.

In all my nerdish nature, I really am getting into writing on paper. Computer allows me to delete wrong things, like they never existed. It’s such a perfect and soulless thing. Piece of paper on the other hand is something more natural. I can see the process of getting into something, how my thoughts evolve from imperfect first idea to final and mature mind.

Did you know that writing down things can improve your retention of information by around 40%, because we need to think about what we actually write.

Therefore I’ve got my tasks. I’ve got my notes related to these tasks. I often circle notes and tasks together so that I can easily recall them. And there is no better joy, then crossing them out as you go. It simply feels good once the task has been completed.

I think I should get myself a decent notepad.



4 comments on “The joy of crossing

  1. Same! After years of being addicted to laptop, phone and apps like Evernote, I am now slowly returning to pen and paper, not only for task lists, but also for note taking, studying and journaling. Like you implied, it feels more real somehow.

    I’ve got a bit of the same feeling with books and films, btw. When I have them on paper or disc, they exist in my reality. When I have them on my computer or phone, I am less aware of them. Too bad I don’t have enough space to get everything I would like on some kind of physical “storage device”.

    • Weird, there is no space between user name and “says”. I have to report an issue. 😉

      • Kamil Procyszyn

        This is just a temporary template, I will replace it with a decent and professional one soon.

    • Kamil Procyszyn

      I’ve quite a few compact discs – there’s no better feeling then put my favourite CD to the player, or to show them to my guests when they visit me :).

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