Spam. Spam everywhere. There isn’t a day without it. Without bombarding us with plenty of information. Way too much of information.

While the original – email spam – is well handled by email providers, the other sources are not.

On social media – there is plenty of shared stuff which someone (I hope so!) thought was worth of sharing. News is all over the place – starting from daily free newspapers, through radio and TV and ending up on the Internet. But the problem with the news is simple – there is plenty of repetition. And it is down to us – receivers – to pick best sources which fit us best.

It’s really easy to take in too much of information. While we as smart and modern human beings like to always be on top of everything – it’s really important not to put ourselves into information overload. Our brains are only able to handle a certain amount of information. It hadn’t been a big deal for centuries, until the spread of a massive media back in 20th century.

It’s pretty easy to select the right information: put on quality rather than quantity. There is no point in reading the same news 5 times a day. But it is smart to use two completely opposite sources, ’cause ya know – the truth lies between the lines.