The world is loud. It’s shouting though. Being expressive and extrovert is the key to the success this times. It doesn’t matter whether the person is good or positive.

I think we’ve got used to being bombarded on daily basis, everyone and everything want to share with us. It’s up to us whether we’d like to take any of these screams on board, or just ignore them. And obviously, the question is –  how much we can accumulate.

But what if all we currently need is peace? The utter silence?  So called “me time” or “reflection time”? It’s hard to find time for self. Even when no other person is around, there are some devices which are there, armoured with a full range of completely irrelevant stuff.

Sometimes it’s worth being completely alone, even for a short period of time. Just to think, and look into the soul. Miracles can happen afterwards.