“We are in the process of management change”

“The company is in the process of implementing new policies”

etc. etc.

This is quite a normal term and we don’t pay attention to it, instead we just take this information on board. Whether we like the changes, it’s entirely up to us, despite the fact often we don’t notice any changes in practice.

But people are going through “process of a change” as well. Sometimes they make a promise to themselves “I spend too much time at work, therefore I should spend more time with my family.”  Sometimes, something happens what drives us to the change “My father died, I should  have spent more time with my family.”

And sometimes some people actually do that.

At some point each of us has heard the sentence: “You’ve changed”. What does it actually mean?

People move on with their lives. No one would like to start the life and stop at the same point. Studies show, that people change their character every 7 years. Personally, I believe that number varies significantly and depends on the person and circumstances around you. That’s why one day we might ask ourselves why actually we are still hanging out with the group of these people. That’s why we lose and gain interest in different hobbies, jobs, partners and gadgets.

I always say – if you don’t move forward, you go backwards Why? Because others do.