PowerShell for IT Professionals [#8] – Manage everything with PowerShell

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Using modules with PowerShell


  • Can you uninstall module that was installed with Install-Module? Confirm your answer with Get-Module -ListAvaiable
  • Can you update the installed module?
  • Perhaps, you’d like to install version of SNMP module, how can you force Install-Module to do so?

Install-Module error

If you encounter the issue with downloading modules, run this commandlet as a temporary workaround (it must be applied every time the shell is restarted):

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12 

Source of solution, and also permanent solution can be found at:


Commands used in video:


Get-Command | Measure-Object

Get-Module -ListAvailable | Measure

#### About special shell
There's only one PowerShell. 
Let's review AD module for PowerShell.

#### SNMP
Let's use PS Gallery

Use SNMP module
Get-Command -Module SNMP

Invoke-SnmpWalk -IP -Community public -OID "."

Find-Module vmware*

Install-Module vmware.powercli

Get-command -Module vmware.powercli



New-VM VM2

Get-VM VM2

Remove-VM VM2

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