I’ve just passed 1000 subscribers on my #YouTube channel - thank you! https://lnkd.in/e6mBpUZA

Back in 2020 I have started a little experiment and since then it has been slowly growing and growing. I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with like-minded IT professionals. I wanted to create a community where people could come to learn more about #powershell and how to become modern #sysadmin, while being free to ask any questions on the topic! Yet I didn’t want to write something for sake of writing something. So I decided to record series of coding videos for absolute beginners - so that hopefully I would help and convert more users into PowerShell.

And although I used to write a blog, I have switched to a videoblog. Video gave me more possibilities to express myself, and allowed viewers to follow and see exactly what’s was going on my screen and what results I get - something I find invaluable while learning and practicing anything.

In the course of working on new videos, I’ve learnt some basics of video editing - if you compare the very first video to one of the recent… I mean the first video was recorded live, without any post editing - just me talking to the microphone and recording screen, I hope you can see and hear the progress.

And even though I’ve been recording videos for over two years, I’ve only started talking openly about it recently. I’m not pushing it in any way - if the conversation we’re having is about a topic I happen to have a video about, I might drop you a link. Perhaps, now it’s time to learn bit more about online marketing ;).

Anyways, I’m glad my persistence paid off and the numbers of subscribers is growing steadily. I hope you’ll enjoy this ride with me!