Kamil Procyszyn

Do you check email every 2 minutes? Start batching your tasks

Bump. A new email has just arrived. Have to check it. Now. I might reply to it earlier, but need to read it now. Seriously, why? While being on top of every single thing might sound super productive, it’s not. Being busy doesn’t mean that you’re productive. Being busy means you’re busy, got nothing to do with effectiveness. This is the reason why you’d like to play it smart, and to organise your job into batches.

Mastering PNPUTIL – how to add drivers to the Windows image

Drivers – that’s what makes a harmony between hardware and software. Appropriate drivers can make a huge difference between computer’s performance, stability and even temperature. Therefore it’s super important to make sure you’ve got up-to-date files included with your image or Windows installation. We are going to review PNPUTIL tool – the versatile tool for handling drivers within the Windows. Why do you need PNPUTIL? Yes, why bother with some command line tool (PNPUTIL is command line only) when there are dedicated installers and device manager?

Why Saturday is best to start new hobby.

“I’m going to lose 10 KG” “I’ll start exercising” “I’ll crack on with my studies and get a better job” Can you recall any of these? We prefer to set ourselves goals within certain time frame, like beginning of the year, month or week. That sort of fresh-start gets extra power as a statement, allows us to easily cut off the imperfect past from the all new and wonderful future.

Do you even back up?

It’s early Monday – the time between the coffee and checking emails – you realise everything’s gone. Files. Videos of your children since they were born. Years of company’s spreadsheets. Gone. It’s not going to be a good week, for sure. There are 2 kinds of people… According to one of the IT jokes, there are two kinds of people: ones who do back up, and the ones who will.

Blog is changing

My idea of this place has been changing since I’ve brought it up. It wasn’t even my first blog, in fact, it was a third one. But the main difference was I wanted to get to the world this time. Don’t just write for the sake of writing. Very first version of this website was more like a business card or a CV, rather than a blog. I don’t say how proud I was, but also must admit how wrong I was.