Kamil Procyszyn

Use Windows Server as iSCSI target with ESXi

The task: to move a virtual machine from one ESXi to another. The ESXis are on two completely separate networks. VM size is 5.5 TB, with one file being 5TB. The problem: VM cannot be started due to maxed out resources. There’s no NAS or any other means of storage where the files could be transferred to. From previous experience, I knew that transfer over SSH or USB would be well too slow, as the task was time critical.

Resolve IP and DNS with Powershell tool

I’ve been asked to prepare a simple tool which would: Resolve IP address or DNS Return all results to table Import addresses from a file The reason behind was to check how IP/DNS records change over the period of time, therefore there was a need for something like that: A file with all addresses in question Tool which could import all these addresses and resolve them Save the results into a new file Once having at least a couple of files, the results could be compared.

Ultimate Windows Update fix

The reason I manage hundreds of workstations working on various Windows versions. As we know, Windows (and other Microsoft’s software) is updated monthly. While usually the process is just working fine, sometimes it simply doesn’t want to work. And yes, probably Google is your best friend here… but really, who has time to search for the solution, and apply it, manually, if there is more than 1 computer? Use the script I used technet, different posts and own knowledge of fixing that kind of issues.

Powershell – resolve full names to usernames from CSV file

It’s unbelievable how long it took me to figure out this simple Powershell script, but yet it does the trick :). Often you receive a request to do a certain action with a bunch of accounts, and (obviously) the list provided contains the full names rather usernames. Pain to do it manually, but yet we can utilise Powershell here. What you need: CSV file, with only one column, and the header of the column must be called “Name”, if you prefer to use something different, simply amend Name in line 6 to reflect your header.

Need for energy – my short story of running

This a quick story how sysadmin started running. I hope it will inspire you to do something with your body, mind and people around you. Yes, because once you’ll start feeling better, others around you will start feeling better as well. Just a little over 6 months ago… That was November – rainy, windy and cold November. I was exhausted after months of pushing forward the work load. Our team was going through fundamental changes, and the last months towards November were nerve wracking, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Add any drivers to Windows – on example of GPU drivers

Today we are going to inject drivers into the Windows image with the help of built-in tools in Windows. What do you need? Just a few things: Any hardware to which you’d like drivers to be added to Reference computer with the hardware attached to it Drivers Windows image which is going to be deployed I think there’s not much to explain, so let’s analyse the actual process.