Kamil Procyszyn

Restarting VSS Writers with PowerShell script

VSS Writers are responsible for backups – if they stop working, then backups might fail. The solution to that is restarting VSS Writers, but the problem here is that there are many, and at least out of the box, there’s no mechanism to make this automatic… but there’s PowerShell. I’m not interested in your code, I just want to restart these VSS Writers In that case, head on to: mygithub, use the code and run:

Monitoring – why you need it

It’s Friday. 5.20PM. So close to the long weekend. Monday is bank holiday – thus three days off. Very happy Friday. You’re going to the server room to check some minor details. Upon opening the main door, you can feel that cold breeze and characteristic noise of hundreds of spinning fans. You quickly skim through all flashy lights, as it’s a good habit. And then you notice there’s something wrong. An orange light – why is there an orange light?

The automation process stages

This will be a high level experience I’ve been gaining whenever automating manual processes. What does it mean to automate? Simply put, is to remove a person from equation in order to complete the task. It can go as far as automating the whole process, or just part of it. The main goal here is to release the resource – that is a person’s time and energy – and redirect it toward something more valuable.

Sysadmin’s tools – what I have installed on my laptop

We need tools to make our work. Either it’s notepad and paper, a hammer (for server’s hard reset… just joking) or some sophisticated and bespoke peace of hardware – we as professionals need tools to make our work better, or even possible. Since working as IT person, there are many software tools I need to do my day to day tasks, thus here’s the list of pieces of software I’ve been finding useful.

2018 summary

Here we are, again. Same symbolic time of the year. I find it perfect to review the past 12 months and have a think about it. I broke it down into three sections – professional, personal and what didn’t work out. So, let’s go! Professional Learnt PowerShell – I think it was the biggest achievement career wise this year. It’s hard to put this in formalised matter, or any sort of figure – but the change of my mindset is the biggest one.

Backup Exec – cataloging multiple tapes with a single tape drive

Recently I’ve had a request to restore a certain backup from the old backup tapes. We’ve had a new Backup exec installation which didn’t have the catalogue/record of these tapes nor the actual tape drive to recover them – I knew it was going to be one in the world task. And the hell it was. Locating tapes in the storage unit was a pure joy – no need to go to the gym after this.