Kamil Procyszyn

PowerShell for IT Professionals [#3] – Running Commands

Exercises Display a list of all services that start with the letter W Display all processes (you might need to use Help to discover the right command. Remember the noun might be singular). Open Notepad (you can simply punch in notepad in the shell) Display only processes that have a name “Notepad” Once you can there’s only one instance of Notepad running, close it with PowerShell!

PowerShell for IT Professionals [#1] [#2] – Help

About files solve issue If after running Update-Help you don’t have About topics, you might want to manually download them and extract the archive to the root of: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\en PowerShell help – Exercises PowerShell is great in working with CSV files. Can you find help for any CSV related commands (you will need to use a wildcard) Can you tell what’s a difference between ConvertTo-CSV and Export-CSV commands

Deploying software with GPO

Having software consistently deployed across the fleet of computers is one of the key points that can be automated. If I have a choice (and it makes sense), I will always choose GPO over any other solution because it’s embedded into Active Directory thus not requiring installation, learning and maintenance of additional management tool. MSI – Software Installation One of the main advantages of MSI installers is that in 99% of cases you can just use the “Software Installation” option in GPO, and GPO will take care of the silent installation.

Prepare Hyper-V template of Windows Server 2016/2019

Deploying a new server is always fun! Well, at least the part after ISO download, installation, patching. Having said that, why not create a template so that you jump right into the fun? So we are essentially going to create a preconfigured VHDX file that can be attached to the newly created VM, and it will take you straight to the login screen. What’s needed Windows server or Windows 10 with Hyper-V role and management tools enabled Windows Assessment and Deployment Toolkit (ADK) – I always pick the latest version available, at the moment of writing this – Windows 10, version 1903 – is latest.

Restarting VSS Writers with PowerShell script

VSS Writers are responsible for backups – if they stop working, then backups might fail. The solution to that is restarting VSS Writers, but the problem here is that there are many, and at least out of the box, there’s no mechanism to make this automatic… but there’s PowerShell. I’m not interested in your code, I just want to restart these VSS Writers In that case, head on to: mygithub, use the code and run:

Monitoring – why you need it

It’s Friday. 5.20PM. So close to the long weekend. Monday is bank holiday – thus three days off. Very happy Friday. You’re going to the server room to check some minor details. Upon opening the main door, you can feel that cold breeze and characteristic noise of hundreds of spinning fans. You quickly skim through all flashy lights, as it’s a good habit. And then you notice there’s something wrong. An orange light – why is there an orange light?