Kamil Pro

The right people

Each of us has some ideal places, songs, people and the way how the morning coffee should be prepared. Sometimes the way how negative situations happen describe the way our day, week, life look like. The way we are. Funnily enough, very often those things or people are just happening around us, the way we often don’t even notice it. We often can only notice the result of all those things.

How to utilise a computer’s desktop

Everyone has a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. And we usually have some wallpaper set on it.

Usually, we set family, pets, beautiful landscapes or build quotes as our wallpaper. And this is fine, because this is the reason why the wallpaper was invented.

Experience, that’s what really matters

How can you cut the cost of hardware from £200 to £30? And how to avoid unnecessary money and time waste? You need somebody who thinks out of the box, is determined and the most important – has tons of experience. Below you can see how I was gaining experience and how it helped me to be where I am right now. I always considered myself as the guy who’s got practical knowledge.