Kamil Procyszyn


“We are in the process of management change” “The company is in the process of implementing new policies” etc. etc. This is quite a normal term and we don’t pay attention to it, instead we just take this information on board. Whether we like the changes, it’s entirely up to us, despite the fact often we don’t notice any changes in practice. But people are going through “process of a change” as well.


I carry with me 2 phones – personal one and work one. On the first one, I store only personal stuff, while on the 0ther one everything what is work related. I have been using my phones like probably most of the people – putting them on vibration while in the restaurants, office etc. so that the phones wouldn’t annoy people around me. But, something’s changed when I was sent for a business trip abroad.

A winner!

We are all winners, undoubtedly. Whatever we do, whenever we create an action – we must win. Well, not really. Since the childhood we are taught and pushed to be the best. Get a grade A or B, at least C. Like the D, E or even F don’t exist. We are pushed through countless tests and exams, and being challenged on daily basis. And there is always somebody, who in a good faith has to say that “you won” even though we actually did not.


Spam. Spam everywhere. There isn’t a day without it. Without bombarding us with plenty of information. Way too much of information. While the original – email spam – is well handled by email providers, the other sources are not. On social media – there is plenty of shared stuff which someone (I hope so!) thought was worth of sharing. News is all over the place – starting from daily free newspapers, through radio and TV and ending up on the Internet.

Let’s get retar… Started!

Thoughts. Ideas. Things which happen in my head for hours, days, sometimes even longer. My brain is constantly thinking, analysing and making decisions, almost 24/7. The problem is – I don’t share… but I really want to. Some time ago I’ve made a decision to create my own website where I could share my thoughts and where they would stay like carved in the stone. When I reflect on the past year (this is since I brought up my website) I have published less than 10 (TEN!