Kamil Procyszyn


A friend visited us yesterday. There was a nice cake, coffee, dinner and conversations thoughtout the night. Suddenly the ladies started to talk about navigation apps on mobile devices. K. was complaining about high data usage during browsing on the Internet. J. suggested her to try Here maps as it is free and allows to download the maps, therefore data is completely not needed for navigation to work, plus it is really accurate app.

Do something different

Sometimes I am so deep in my thoughts that I have no notion of what time of the day is. I know I should be doing something, anything but wasting my time… Life is too short to waste time but all the possibilities somehow don’t even cross my mind. Do you get the same feeling where you can literally stare at the wall opposite while the time stands still? It’s a horrible feeling.


The world is loud. It’s shouting though. Being expressive and extrovert is the key to the success this times. It doesn’t matter whether the person is good or positive. I think we’ve got used to being bombarded on daily basis, everyone and everything want to share with us. It’s up to us whether we’d like to take any of these screams on board, or just ignore them. And obviously, the question is – how much we can accumulate.

The joy of crossing

I’ve got a good memory. I can remember different things quite easily, organise and plan them in my mind. A serious and complex task is not a big deal to me, as long as I can understand it. At times I can be annoying (I guess some might say that), by asking many questions, as understanding of each step is a baseline to completing every task correctly. But there is something magical in writing down the tasks.


“We are in the process of management change” “The company is in the process of implementing new policies” etc. etc. This is quite a normal term and we don’t pay attention to it, instead we just take this information on board. Whether we like the changes, it’s entirely up to us, despite the fact often we don’t notice any changes in practice. But people are going through “process of a change” as well.


I carry with me 2 phones – personal one and work one. On the first one, I store only personal stuff, while on the 0ther one everything what is work related. I have been using my phones like probably most of the people – putting them on vibration while in the restaurants, office etc. so that the phones wouldn’t annoy people around me. But, something’s changed when I was sent for a business trip abroad.