We live in a time driven world. We to try to maximise 24 hours every day. Time wasting is not an option.

Therefore we try to squeeze as much as possible in a schedule. Beginning from very morning.

Every morning we start fairly the same, fulfilling daily ritual. Make up, news, coffee – ready, steady, go  – everything what make us ready to make a public appearance .

So it’s 8 am, and we are certainly ready to leave. Despite the traffic, overcrowded public transport and finally – queues in the coffee shop – we made it through to the office. We can finally sit at the desk at 9 am.

Again, consequently, task by task as time passes by we prove that we can make our best and get everything done, on time.

5:30 pm, time to go home. Quick shopping on the way back. Then we can spend the rest of the day with family, ourselves or just being lazy. Because we can.

Everything is perfect. Everything is synchronised. We fulfil 24 hours to every second. We make sure that everything happens exactly when it should. Time is one of the greatest, seamless and simple inventions human being ever invented!

And there is Southern.

As the world is synchronised and we can arrange a meeting with different people being in different parts of the globe and different time zones. Southern has a difficulty to provide a train according to a schedule. When before going on holiday, we try to close as many projects as possible, Southern simply cancels the trains.

“Temporary shortage of train crew” lasts for months, and when the train finally arrives, it’s like a can full of sardines – crowded and smelly.

But every story should end up well, therefore here’s my take: because of all of these delays I can spend more time reading. It pushed me towards taking up driving lessons,  which took me 10 long years to get around to do it.

Everything has a bright side, it’s just a matter of finding the right angle of looking.