I carry with me 2 phones – personal one and work one. On the first one, I store only personal stuff, while on the 0ther one everything what is work related.

I have been using my phones like probably most of the people – putting them on vibration while in the restaurants, office etc. so that the phones wouldn’t annoy people around me. But, something’s changed when I was sent for a business trip abroad.

Obviously, I didn’t switch on roaming on my personal phone, because what’s the point of paying for the Internet, especially when I had my work mobile with data on. I didn’t even connect to the WiFi in the office, just because.

But something has changed. My workflow was going well until I realised what had changed –  I wasn’t distracted any more. Because I was not getting notifications of any kind, my phone has been lying silently next to my laptop while I could work without any disturbances. And guess what: I wasn’t even tempted to check my phone for anything.

It was a little detail which I have discovered completely by an accident. From that time, my phones are always put on “do not disturb” while I am at work, meeting, or simply need to focus or relax.

While computers or other smart-devices can multitask easily, we can’t. So rather than trying to be on top of everything, I rather focus on current task.

And as we talk about being focused, soundtrack from The Witcher 3 is perfect for staying focused: