How many times petty things have ruined your day? Or people? Or, even, yourself? Just admit it.

We can take a lot. Our minds are like massive hard drives which store data in a form of memories, feelings and thoughts.

Did you know that a human is able to erase certain bad memories or push them right back, deep in our subconscious? For example, women are going though unbelievable pain while giving a birth. Pain which lasts for hours, days or even weeks… If the process of erasing unpleasant experiences wouldn’t have happened, we would have had less babies right now…

Maybe something less extreme? The tooth pain for example. I think everyone at least once had it in their life. Would you be able to recall that pain? Because I’m not able to recall it at all. Or maybe I don’t want to? I remember the need for plenty of drugs to relief the pain. I can even remember my facial expression on my face which demonstrated a great pain and suffering. But the pain itself – not at all.

So what about the mental pain?

Not today. The mental pain can cause a serious damage to psychics or be even fatal if lasts too long. I had been trying to write down more about the mental pain, but I’m feeling like I’m not ready for it.

One day, I hope.