Thoughts. Ideas. Things which happen in my head for hours, days, sometimes even longer. My brain is constantly thinking, analysing and making decisions, almost 24/7. The problem is – I don’t share… but I really want to.

Some time ago I’ve made a decision to create my own website where I could share my thoughts and where they would stay like carved in the stone.

When I reflect on the past year (this is since I brought up my website) I have published less than 10 (TEN!) posts. Damn, that’s pretty low, isn’t it?

You can call me an old-school fellow because I connect the idea of writing a blog with recording the life. To me, blog is an online diary which one will to share with the others.

Apparently, blogging doesn’t work for me. I come with ideas which go through my thinking process, and when I am just about to start writing… I cannot make a decision. Is it right? Maybe I should rethink? Is it actually worth it? Etc. Etc. The result is – I don’t write at all. But the whole idea is developed inside my head, where it stays forever.

Therefore being inspired by others I created Thoughts – my mini blog, the place where I could dump my thoughts.

I would use social media – but hey! – I wanna keep what’s mine close. Just because. I want to have a full control when developing something new.

The problem with social media is that there is no really a way to find anything once it has been posted. Searching one-by-one, browsing through very own timeline is the only way to find a certain post. This is pointless. Content on social media disappears within hours.

My aims are simple: write more, express myself and master the English. Wish me good luck.