A friend  visited us yesterday. There was a nice cake, coffee, dinner and conversations thoughtout the night.

Suddenly the ladies started to talk about navigation apps on mobile devices. K. was complaining about high data usage during browsing on the Internet. J. suggested her to try Here maps as it is free and allows to download the maps, therefore data is completely not needed for navigation to work, plus it is really accurate app.

Obviously followed the suggestion, went to app store and downloaded the application, but couldn’t download the maps… because of low storage space. I was surprised as her phone is equipped with 8GB of storage, while only 5GB is only allowed to the user. It’s quite easy to fill the space, especially these days.

After unsuccessful 30 minutes struggle to find the reason for the mobile to run so slowly I suggested moving her picture to another device which would be only a temporary solution. What to do in that case?

I showed K. my phone – Xiaomi Mi4 – and presented its functions, how it performs and told her that it was actually one of my best phones I’ve ever had. It didn’t take long when she asked for the price, which was a way much less then she was used. Like 2-3 times lower than other brands.

It didn’t take long to order the phone! Boom, the magic was done, there will be another happy Xiaomi user.

I must admit, K. wasn’t the first person I’ve convinced to the less known brand.

That was a clear conscious influence from my side – I wanted to help my friend, but had to change her thinking about possible choices and available opportunities to make THE change. How often do we pick or stay with the same things, just because we are too afraid/lazy/used to the ones we currently use? Or simply sticking to one brand only because it is a well known brand. It’s like buying shoes only from one cobbler, regardless of the quality, they might be good, they might bad – we will never find out what the shoes are really like, if we can’t compare.