Everyone has a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. And we usually have some wallpaper set on it.

Usually, we set family, pets, beautiful landscapes or build quotes as our wallpaper. And this is fine, because this is the reason why the wallpaper was invented.

Imagine that we needed some easy, cost-effective way to advertise local jobs to our learners (bear in mind I work in the learning centre, with mostly unemployed learners whose ultimate goal is to find a job) so they could easily find the ads and apply for jobs.

Naturally, we have a job board, job club and time to time annoucements. However, not all learners get the information. Some might be absent, some might forget, some might be too busy with their current work to pay enough attention to any other stuff.

During one of our meeting, it just hit me – why shouldn’t we utilise computer desktop to announce all the jobs and other important event to our learners? Each of them needs to log in to computer every day, each of them will need to look on the screen. This seemed like a perfect solution, at least it was a new approach without the need of extra effort.

Thereafter, I did create a wallpaper, set this up on all of the computers’ desktops and voila! All our learners see our current jobs, some even asked for more details.

This is funny how sometimes the simplest ideas might be the best. In addition, it might take very long time before you realise that the solution was right in front your eyes. But trust me, it’s worth trying even when idea doesn’t seem to be the best in the first place. If nobody ever tried this before how could you possibly know, this was wrong?

Soon, I will prepare for you step by step instructions on how to create the wallpaper for your announcing needs. Stay tuned!