Hever Castle


Hever Castle – 31st of August

That was an intense weekend. I spent Saturday in shopping centre, buying more and less needed stuff, and today went to Hever Castle.

This over 500 years old castle was once home for Anne Boleyn, 2nd wife of Henry VIII, and as most of the castles these days, it’s a tourist attraction.

There were plenty of attractions prepared for the day including archery, fighting, maze, water maze, castle itself and beautiful Italian garden with the option to rent a boat.

First of was a battle. Adults were fighting against the children. No, don’t worry, they were guided and directed by castle staff, in this instance warriors.

Oh yes, staff and the setup of the place was marvellous – each member of staff was dressed in XVII centaury costume, each has been playing their role. There were warriors, archers, subjects and even Henry the VIII himself, with his newly wed wife, Anne.

Big Italian garden, mazes, lake and the castle itself – gorgeous locations. While the gardens where colourful and live, the castle itself was quite dark. Not as massive as Hampton Court, but still impressive.

The biggest attraction was the arrival of Henry VIII to the castle, upon which the king announced and invited the visitors to the tournament. The knights from England stood against the Scottish knights. What a battle that was!

There were jousting, fights on sword and pompous speeches, lots of laughter and shouting like in medieval times, but no bloodshed.

I could be telling you about the day and the combat between the two countries, and their brave knights, and has swung their lances on their beautiful dressed horses, but I think you’d be more interested to witness that event yourself.