At home while writing, photo editing or just for fun. At work when I need to focus and be effective. At the time when I need a boost or completely opposite – when looking for a way to calm down. Headphones accompany me throughout the day.

There is something about sound that keeps me going. When I need to keep up and focus on something certain, I listen to some energy energetic music. Not too loud, because it exhausts too much and causes a headache, and not too quiet because… actually, what’s a point of listening to quiet music? I cannot find 1 reason to listen quietly.

When I need to think about something and take my time, I listen to calm and steady rhythm, not too distractive, though. Somehow the slower tempo allows me to focus even more, which might be funny, because I find it difficult to think in complete silence.

Finally, when there is nothing what requires extra attention from me, I like to listen to radio or podcasts, because then I can still do my stuff, while meantime listening to something funny or find out something new.

The best thing about the headphones is that it allows me to stay focused within my world, have a best sound quality, while not disturbing others. And others don’t disturb me, unless they really need something.