My idea of this place has been changing since I’ve brought it up. It wasn’t even my first blog, in fact, it was a third one. But the main difference was I wanted to get to the world this time. Don’t just write for the sake of writing.

Very first version of this website was more like a business card or a CV, rather than a blog. I don’t say how proud I was, but also must admit how wrong I was. My business card is my skills and recommendations – it didn’t need a special website pumping it.

So I’ve scrapped it, to a blog-only style, with some links to my other work.

The idea was great, but blogging wasn’t on my mind at the time given. Firstly, I’ve been hardly studying to move on with my career. Secondly, I’ve been hardly searching for a new job and studying – again – how to do it the best way. Thirdly, I’ve been flipping my personal life upside down.

It all worked out beautifully and made me feeling a way better. But my blog was just sitting there, not updated and forgotten.

So here comes new

The thing that I haven’t been writing, posting and disappeared from social media doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about my blog. I’ve been thinking about it, how to bring to all its glory.

I love it.

Let me show you around the blog

First of all, I’ve asked myself a question – Who am I writing this blog to? And my first thoughts were – to people who like to question why things happen in a certain way. Why we behave like we do. For people who like me, would like to pursue their future and take the best out of it, working hard in achieving these.

Therefore, I’ve squeezed categories to only 4:

  • Me & People – where I write about our behaviour, emotions and my views about these.
  • IT – where I talk about technology, in plain language. I will not bother you with boring nerdy talk – I spend hours on a daily basis on this deep techy stuff, and want to show you what’s the best, most valuable and interesting to you. Let me be your guide here, and I’ll do the dirty stuff for you.
  • Motivation – everything related to work, career and self-development. We spend at least 1/3 part of life in our jobs, let’s squeeze all the sweet juice out of it.
  • Photography – my photos, photo sessions and travels documented mostly by pictures.

I can feel comfortable within those topics, and more or less I’ve been writing about them. Now it will easily allow you to find your posts.

Main page of the blog

At the top, you’ve got a massive slider with my best and featured posts. Below you can find most recent posts organised by categories. I think it’s better when it is organised like that, rather than having only most recent posts.

Thoughts are now part of the blog

The idea of thoughts is just great. Short views put straights out of my mind onto a piece of paper put a life to the blog. It’s updated more often than ever. But having 2 blogs, even within the same domain, simply wasn’t comfortable. Thoughts is now just a category, so whenever I put something quickly and short, I set it as main category + thoughts.

Social media

It’s more difficult than I thought. Creating engaging content, reaching more people – it’s not as simple. There is still plenty to learn for me, actually, I think I’m still a newbie here, but hey, I hope one day I will learn it and understand thoroughly. Currently, you can find me mostly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And here comes my great favour to you: if you read my posts, see my photos and enjoy it – simply give me ‘like’, comment or even share what you see or read. It really helps me to reach out to more people and show them my content. It doesn’t cost much, and can really help me.

Some time ago I’ve realised that I was selfish. I’ve been reading a lot of blogs or other content of people, but never showed them that I actually liked their work. I never realised that being a “passive” reader wasn’t really nice to them. Therefore, I’ve started giving likes and comments to them, so that they could see that their work wasn’t wasted.

That would be it for now.

I am excited by going through this change. I hope you will join this journey with me and receive the best out of it.