Hi, my name is Kamil Procyszyn and this my blog. Below you can find information about what I’m doing.

Kamil Procyszyn

I am an IT professional

For almost 15 years I’ve been passionate about computer related technology. My main area of expertise is Microsoft solutions support, including servers as well as clients. My professional qualifications include NVQ in Computer Science, and as of 2014 I have become Microsoft Certified Professional. You can find more about my career on LinkedIn.

I am a hobbyist photographer

It hit me in 2012. One day when I was sitting at home (to which I’ve just moved in), I realised that I didn’t document my life very much until then. So I took my old compact camera and started taking photos of my flat and town I was living in.

Very soon after this, I discovered that I take good portraits, where emotions and character of the person can be easily seen. I take photos of items and objects, but I excel in catching people’s emotions and facial expression. You can find me on Instagram.

I have fun…

…with blogging. I take it seriously, but still enjoy sharing my thoughts and ideas with you. It’s great when I can publish what I’ve been thinking about on the website, and let others read it, comment it and maybe reflect on their own lives and relate on my experiences. I read books, watch TV series, listen to good music. I live near London.

You can find me on

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You can write to me on kamil@kamilpro.com.


I keep my options open. I am happy to collaborate with you in any areas I work around. Therefore if you need IT support, a photo session or something related to my blog – go ahead and contact me.