Web Applications are popular, and often require to either knowing some front-end development or using some other products which allow to build some applications. What about PowerShell, can you actually build a web app using only PowerShell language?

Yes, you can write a web app in PowerShell, and I’m going to show you how in this video.

It comes down to two PowerShell modules - Pode and Pode.Web - all you need to do is to run Install-Module Pode,Pode.Web and you can start building your applications.

I will be writing a simple password generation and management web app during video, and source code is available on GitHub - so that you can either follow me, or just grab source code and see how this whole Pode module works yourself. And since the video touches only briefly what Pode is capable of, I’m really looking forward your views and feedback.


Pode website

Pode.Web website

Pode Discord