The World talks constantly about DevOps, CI/CI pipelines, automation - which great, but where to actually start? Especially when you’ve been writing PowerShell which is often used as automation language, but not actually as programming language?

In this video I’ll show you how to create a build pipeline for PowerShell module, from scratch. We will start from creating a project, creating new Git repository, pushing code to repository to finally create a pipeline which takes care of building the module, versioning it and finally publishing. And I’ll be writing all these steps in front of you.

If you’ve been writing PowerShell for some time and would like to get step closer to the DevOps world - this is great video for you! If on the other hand you’ve been using Azure Pipelines for other languages and need to quickly pick how to build PowerShell module, then later part of video might be useful, or even just open repo git below, and just look at the yml file in there.

Git repository with all the files I’ve been writing and using during the video

Video where I go in more detail about using ModuleBuilder

How to create PowerShell module and manifest